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Bringing history to life for over 40 years.

About Us

Glasgow Vikings strive to bring history alive and portray an accurate account of Viking warfare and day to day life while trying to make it fun for our audiences, we could turn up and talk endlessly about it but it is much easier and entertaining for us to show you.

We predominately portray – the Hiberno Norse who were originally the Viking colonists of Ireland and Scotland and the 9th century Picts who were an ethnic group in central and northern Scotland from Roman times until the 9th century.

We have renown as a re-enactment society with high standards of presentation, accuracy and attention to detail in our camps and in our combat displays.

The Glasgow Vikings are a member of The Vikings who re-enact the life, times and battles of 8-11th century Britain, The Vikings are the UK’s oldest and largest Viking-age society, with branches across Britain, in Europe, the US and Canada

What We Do

Glasgow Viking Shows provide both education and entertainment ranging from school demonstrations, filming to all day or weekend events.

The content of the shows can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Show content can include a living history encampment, acting, archery, single combats, weapons demonstrations and skirmishes. If required we can complete historical research of the local area to see if there are any historical events of interest.

All our costumes and accoutrements have archaeological basis. The weapons we use are real and accurate but blunted for safety. Living history takes place in our village encampment in which displays of period crafts such as weaving, woodturning, metalworking and jewellery.

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